Element village symbol
Village Name Element 要素
Kage Emanyeru Kouseitan'i
Location Thousands of Miles off the coast of the Main Land
Lanuage Unknown

Yousokagure no Sato (この村は、要素内の非表示/ The village hidden in the Elements) Is located on the farthest most border of the known Naruto world. It is located on a group of islands that, true to the name of the village, are concealed in the elements. If one were to try to access the village without permission they would be killed instantly by the treacherous waves and inconsiderable weather. Even if they survived the waters they still had to travel through a wide archipelago of islands to reach the main village area which stretches over miles and miles of above and below ground island space. The history of the village is uncertain but it is known that the village has been rebuilt by one of the returning natives, Emanyeru Kouseitan'i.

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