Naiyaton ダイヤモンド発売, or Diamond Release, is a special blend of earth and fire only used by select members of the kouseitan'i clan. This trait passed down from generation to generation can only be accessed by one member from each generation starting with Emanyeru and going on to his daughter Akane. The latest version of it has been seen in his granddaughter Lilixia.

The diamond Release is a mixture between Carbon [earth] and heat [fire] to make a more purified form diamond [mix between fire and earth]. This allows the techniques to be stronger than they normally would have been. In most cases though the user is allowed to transfer chakra through the diamond changing how the surface is: ie. With emanyeru's case he can coat the surface in his chakra and makes the surface incredibly slippery thus causing the opponent to slip and fall whenever they attempt to cling on to a diamond surface.

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