Sanjutsu: Suiton, Katon, Raiton: Dendou Jouki no Jutsu - Sanjutsu: Water Style, Fire Style, Electric Style: Electric Steam Technique

  • Rank: A
  • Element: Water, Fire, Electricity
  • Users: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i

This move is preformed by combining the users Suiton, Katon, and Raiton chakra and condensing them into a sort of cloud shape form that takes the properties of steam. The user then has the steam set upon a set area that opponent walks into unknowingly and breaths in the superheated electrically charged steam. This will in turn not only severally burn the insides of the opponent but also paralyze them to the point of not being able to move for several hours. Because of that this move is considered a finisher.