Tenshokuton: Shippuu no Jutsu - Weather Style: Hurricane Technique

  • Rank: SS
  • Elements: Wind, Water, Electric
  • Users: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i
  • Range: 20 km

This jutsu is formed when the user forms their Tenshokuton chakra into their hands and focuses a large mass of it into the air above them. They will then begin to swirl it around as though they were creating a tornado or hurricane. This will cause a major influx in the air pressure around them creating a large mass of low air pressure which will in turn create a massive hurricane that will span hundreds of miles. This jutsu will take a large mass of chakra and will most likely deplete a person's chakra reserves unless they already have a large chakra pool, therefore this jutsu should be used with extreme caution only.

An alternate form of the jutsu is to use a massive heat source to build up enough moisture and energy in the air to create an updraft of clouds. The user then directs the moisture an energy into a spiral of clouds to form massive thunderstorms. This way is not only safer to do, it also saves alot of chakra.